After a good meal, many like to lie down and take a break to perk up.  It would seem, however, that such habits are contraindicated.  Focus on four reflexes to avoid after eating.


 As we know, exercise is not recommended during digestion. Heavier in our sneakers, the quality of the training is less effective and we are necessarily less efficient. Explanations. During digestion, the body provides an effort and practicing an exercise right after a meal, requires additional activity to the body. However, digestion is crucial, it is the fuel of our body, it must therefore be treated by avoiding adding additional fatigue to it. We therefore rather wait three hours after digestion to play sports. Why ? When you digest, there is a greater influx of blood to the stomach and during physical exertion, the blood is rather transported and directed to the muscles. This division of blood flow can lead to gastric disorders such as stomach pain, less effective training and the risk of sequelae (cramps, tears, etc.). If you want to exercise, after eating, favor a digestive walk. And if you prefer a more expansive activity after a meal, opt for a light snack, to be fit during the activity


 If the nap is life-saving to perk up, right after lunch, it's not the ideal time. Taking a nap during digestion causes discomfort, bloating and sleepiness problems. Quite simply because in a lying position, the digestion process is slowed down (food has more difficulty going down to the intestines and stagnates in the stomach). In particular, researchers from the University of Ioannina School of Medicine found that people who waited more than two hours before going to bed after a meal significantly reduced the risk of stroke.


 If tea is a drink that combines the virtues for our health, it would be better to consume it outside of meals (always one hour before or after eating). Indeed, the presence of tannins contained in tea would cause the inhibition of certain digestive enzymes, and would complicate the assimilation of iron contained in food by our body. Iron is an essential mineral for our body, especially for young women and children who often lack it. So to avoid anemia, green tea is reserved for other times of the day.


We know that tobacco is seriously harmful to health, yet many people continue to smoke and even more after a good meal (those who smoke, know). But this cigarette would be the most dangerous, just after the morning one! Indeed, several studies have shown that smoking a cigarette after eating would be equivalent to smoking several cigarettes in normal times! How is that explained? By the fact that the nicotine swallowed after the meal passes through our digestive tract and mixes with the oxygen contained in our blood. This would considerably increase the risk of cancer... We try as far as possible to wait 1h30 after a meal to light a cigarette.